Citire 1

After reading the following text do the exercises below:




            In these days you can find fast food restaurants in almost every big city. In New York, Paris, Tokyo and thousands of other cities around the world, new fast food restaurants open every day.

 In some places, you stand in a line and get a hamburger or a hot dog in a paper bag; in others you can pick up a tray of fish, chicken, pizza or even Mexican and Chinese food. In some fast food places you can even drive your car up to a window and place your order. A few minutes later a worker passes you your food through the window and you can drive away and eat in your car.

People prefer fast food restaurants to more comfortable restaurants. Two things make fast food restaurants popular: speed and price. People’s time is valuable; they may have only thirty minutes for lunch. They don’t have time to cook their own meals; they don’t want to waste a lot of time eating or preparing food. The service is fast, so they can order what they want, eat it, and be finished in less than fifteen minutes. And prices are inexpensive. Because of the larger number of meals sold every day in fast food restaurants, costs are kept low. There are over 35 billion hamburgers sold every year in the United State!

Another thing people like is that they can be sure what the food will taste like in a fast food restaurant. The major international fast food companies like McDonald¢s and A & W make sure that the food will taste like in a fast food restaurant, a hamburger sold at the store in Boston will taste exactly the same as one sold in New York and not very different from one bought in Jakarta.

Critics of fast food say they are “junk foods”. Junk food is food that tastes good but offers little bodybuilding nutrition. Americans love junk food potato chips, corn chips, French fried potatoes, cookies, ice cream, on and on it goes. Junk food has little nutrition, but contains too much salt, carbohydrate and fat. Scientists and doctors warn that people should eat less junk food and more good food: fresh vegetables, fish, meat and fruit. It is easier however, to criticize junk food than to stop eating it.

One thing is sure: people everywhere like fast foods and they find it a convenient and economic way to eat.


Put the sentences in the right order:

1. We can find fast food in every big city.
2. People prefer to eat in fast food restaurant because the speed of the service is high.
3. There we can buy many different kinds of food.
4. The taste is the same in every fast food.
5. The prices are very convenient.
6. Critics of fast foods say that they are junk food.
Say if the sentences are true or not:
a) Fast foods are not very popular.
b) Junk food has a high nutritional value. It does not contain salt, carbohydrate and fat.
c) They can order what they want, eat it, and be finished in less than fifteen minutes.
d) Prices are expensive.
e) The prices are not kept very low, because are sold only a few hamburgers.
f) The thing, that makes fast food famous is speed of the service.
g) People don’t have too much time to eat.
Choose the best answer.
1. In fast food restaurants you can buy
2. In fast food restaurants people usually eat in about
3. The main reason fast food restaurants are popular is because of their
4. A hamburger sold at McDonald’s in San Francisco and one bought at McDonald’s in Washington should taste
5. The food sold at fast food restaurants
Match the words, which are opposites:
1. expensiveA. slow
2. worthlessB. noisy
3. popularC. valuable
4. fastD. economical
5. sureE. unpopularl
6. quietF. uncertain